The Redmond Family Farm Wexford, located in Craanford is approximately five miles outside the market town of Gorey and supplies much of the beef, salads and vegetables that are used in the Wexford hotels.

Redmond’s currently supply a large portion of their hand reared beef, naturally grown vegetables and salads into both hotels. all beef eaten in a Redmond hotel is supplied by the Redmond Family Farm Wexford.

On the farmland in the parish of Craanford, some 500 head of free range grass fed Angus Beef cattle are being reared. ‘For us provenance is key,’ said Tommy Redmond. ‘Customers need to know the origin of the excellent quality of food we have on offer. It’s an exciting project and one we are very proud of.’

Our dedicated horticulturists, work the farm and deliver the produce daily to the hotel. ‘The phrase farm to fork really applies to Redmond Hotels, It isn’t unusual for us to pick in the morning, deliver to the hotels to have it plated and served that evening’.

Quality across the board is vitally important, Menu variety, premium flavours, and honesty in the food, allowing the ingredients and meal to speak for themselves are key for us, whether it is a mixed leaf salad, an a-la-carte main dish or fresh pastry – the taste of fresh, Irish, nutritious and delicious farm ingredients.