Poolbiking Amber
We are really excited to be preparing to launch Poolbiking, which is a phenomenal new cycling experience in the pool combining the principles of stationary cycling (Spinning®) with the healthy soothing powers of water.
In the water resistance is 12 times stronger than on land enabling you to burn between 600-800kcal per hour and therefore improve your endurance. Water buoyancy provides both pressure and support for your body, easing muscles, bones and joints. Your blood circulation is stimulated by the water friction, the lymphatic system is activated and cellulite elimination is facilitated. You work hard but in a gentle way with no uncomfortable sweating and no post workout soreness!

New Look

As well as all of this we are also working on our new brand, new gym, new look – and will be launching shortly alongside our COMMIT TO BE FIT campaign for 2017.
Club Amber is the club to join.  Call us now to register for a free trial.