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03 Dec

To VAT, or not to VAT, that is the question

Post by Alan Whelan on Blog

With Budget 2019 announcing that tourism-related activities will revert to a VAT rate of 13.5%, hotels & restaurateurs around the country are left to face the dilemma of passing on the cost to the guest that being you the public or taking the hit themselves. Businesses around the country were left reeling after this and for some smaller businesses this increase of 4.5% means the difference of staying opening or closing up altogether. A lot of people are unaware or unsure of what this means to them. What this increase means to you the public is an increase of 4.5% on food and accommodation costs. So if you are planning a wedding, christening, communion or a night away you will now pay an additional 4.5%.

The hospitality sector is the sector that carried Ireland through the recession and now the economy is moving in the right direction the industry and the public seemed to be seems to be targeted again. With rates, rent, insurance, utility costs and wages all soaring many businesses have been forced to pass this cost on to the customer. You may have read recent articles of how some hotel have passed this cost on to Brides & Grooms increasing their overall wedding costs by thousands.

Here at the Amber Springs Hotel and Health Spa we have decided not to pass this cost on to the guest. So for all pre-booked services for 2019 or for anyone looking to book a service in the hotel for 2019 we will not be passing this 4.5% increase on to you. Having won Ireland’s favorite family-friendly stay in the 2018 Reader Travel Awards of the Irish Independent and Georgina Campbell’s Family Destination of the year, we’d like to treat you as family would and look after you……